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From a young age, I was drawn to the mysteries of the cosmos and the ancient wisdom of astrology. Growing up in Bosnia, in a family where Slavic folklore and world religions intertwined with everyday life, I absorbed the teachings of the stars, learning to read the movements of the heavens and interpret their influence and potential.

As I was pursuing my degree in information technology, I discovered my love for physics, astronomy, and scientific research. I started studying astrology on my own in order to better understand myself and the Universe. Soon, I was hosting my own radio show, where listeners would call in to seek astrological guidance and insight into their lives. The show was on the air for six years on three different radio stations in Sarajevo. During the war in the 90s, I tried to give people some hope. I made many correct predictions, including the exact date of NATO military involvement in Bosnia, three years before it happened.

“You can change what is written in your horoscope. By acting at your lowest good, you can turn an otherwise very good horoscope into a very challenging life. But by acting by your highest good you can definitely transform an astrological lemon of a chart into terrestrial lemonade. The sugar is consciousness.”

Alan Oken

Predictions are often so limiting. We do have free will! Astrology does not take away our agency; it only predicts potential events, or events that may occur if we do not take action. Yes, it’s complicated. Destiny or free will? Both.

Mira Cosic, astrologer, radio show and podcast host
In the studio

In addition to my radio show, I began writing astrology columns for multiple magazines and newspapers, including Astrologos, Arka, Dani, and Večernje Novine, sharing my knowledge and predictions with a wider audience. My articles and horoscopes were eagerly anticipated each week. Readers found comfort and inspiration in these messages. I was talking about “Mercury retrograde” and “What is my Rising Sign” in Bosnia for the first time. For decades, media censorship did not allow any word about astrology on radio or TV – not until the 90s.

In the late 90s, I made the bold decision to move to the United States to further my studies with renowned astrology teachers.

I was impressed with the work of Alan Oken (soul-centered, esoteric astrology), Steven Forrest, Jeff Green and their apprentices (evolutionary astrology), Robert Blaschke (modern astrology prediction), Alice Bailey (esoteric astrology), and another Alice: Ms. Alice D. McFarlen whose “Constellations” bookstore and weekly astrology classes happened to be in my Dallas neighborhood.

Immersing myself in the vibrant astrological community of Texas, I delved deeper into the intricacies of the ancient art and honed my skills as an astrologer. I made many friends. I took astrology courses, got certified in astrological ethics and spoke for international conferences ISAR and UAC. I became the president of ASNT – Astrological Society of North Texas.

At the same time, I also felt a pull towards exploring my religious roots, sparked by a newfound curiosity about spirituality and the interconnectedness of all beings. I read Unitarian Universalist texts, and Christian prayers. I practiced meditations, and I studied Course in Miracles, old Slavic magic and Tarot. I admired Wayne Dyer’s books and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings as they promoted love, wisdom, and personal peace.

“You are the sky. The clouds are what happens, what comes and goes.”

Eckhart Tolle

I later graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Psychology. Interpersonal communication and the human psyche never cease to fascinate me. I used this degree to run magazines, websites, newsletters and podcasts for Unitarian Universalist and Christian churches.

Additionally, I teach ESL English and BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin). I have a good comprehension of Macedonian, Slovenian, Spanish and French and I am Level 3 certified in German. “Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales” – not sure if I believe that, it sounds a bit overboard tbh, but I sometimes use this to confuse my husband.

If you need your astrology chart report in one of those above mentioned languages, let me know.

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

Dane Rudhyar

This journey of self-discovery led me to a realization: that despite the diversity of beliefs and traditions, we are all fundamentally connected as one human family, living under one sky and one Source and Creator. The Force.

And, to make my beliefs official and to claim my religious freedoms in the US, I became an ordained minister with The Universal Life Church. This is an internet based church, valuable today: I can indeed perform sermons and officiate weddings in most states – which makes my Jupiter conjunction Uranus and Libra rising truly happy.

Humbly embracing universal truths, I now return to my serious astrology work, personal readings and classes I give online as well as in person, at the Eclipse over Roswell (Georgia), with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all of us.

Let me know how we can connect.

Namaste and many blessings,